Do herbal medicines are more effective than Pharmaceutical drugs?

Herbal therapy is a holistic therapy that integrating the mental, emotional, and spiritual. Many people approach naturopathic compared to pharmaceutical medicines to treat diseases like depression, anxiety, diabetes, and even cancer in this modern world. Herbal medicines come from natural sources that do not mean that they are always safe. Some of the herbs contain toxic compounds that can cause side effects. To treat severe chronic diseases, pharmaceutical drugs are more effective, but you can stop them by using herbal medicines if you have an acute illness. In Pakistan herbal medicine usage trend is getting high because people find it out more effective and safe.

1. Herbal versus synthetic medicine

Pharmaceutical drugs are particular in actions and target the pathologies. However, herbals have a wide range of effects on the physiological system. We have some “drug-like” plant remedies that actions look like those of pharmaceuticals.   Herbal medicines are effective for healing and tend to be much gentler in effect. Nevertheless, things can and do go wrong because for the following reasons:

  • Misidentification of plants
  • Incorrect preparation
  • Incorrect administration

In the western medicine world, synthetic drugs have been introduced recently. We can trust them over natural medicines that have been used for thousands of years. This is because we know more about them and their effects on our bodies. Furthermore, synthetic drugs are standardized as compared to natural medicines. Under the strict standard operating procedures, manufacturers prepared synthetic drugs. Whereby each batch is guaranteed to be of the same quality as the last.

Herbal medicines producers do not have to follow regulated methods and batches; therefore be of inconsistent quality. Following are the variables that are involved in the production of an herbal drug that involves:

  • Plants identity and their parts
  • Origin
  • Extraction procedures
  • Growing conditions that depend on climate

Herbal medicines are complex and containing polyfunctional effects. Currently, we have insufficient knowledge about the safety and efficacy of herbal medicines.

1.2 What do we know about herbal medicine?

Humans have been used plants for medicinal purposes since civilization beginning. The established herbal medicine systems are following:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Ayurveda
  • Unani

Herbal medical knowledge is spread amongst families, communities, and local practitioners. However, there is a fear that this valuable and ancient knowledge may soon be lost due to the impact of globalization and modernization.

2. Herbal and synthetic medicines together?

Whenever you take herbal and synthetic medicines together simultaneously, you need proper care, and it is generally advisable not to do this. For example, herbal medicines are not recommended during the pregnancy period. In addition, some commonly used herbal medicines such as ginseng and Gingko Biloba have harmful interactions with conventional medicines that include diluting effects, increasing the potency, and dangerous side effects. You can buy herbal medicines from reliable sources like pansar online.

Patients have faced serious complications when taking herbals and antidepressant medication and medicines for epilepsy, HIV, and heart diseases. However, herbal medicines come from natural products but can still produce potential biological effects on the body that can also be deleterious. People thought that natural medicines were free from undesirable consequences. Balance herbal medicines are much safer than synthetic drugs.  Every year, around 100,000 people die daily due to synthetic drugs toxic effects, whereas hospitalization and deaths caused by herbal medicines are very difficult to find out.

2.1 Why we need to know more about herbal medicines:

It is an accepted fact that modern pharmaceutical medicines are distant from much of the world’s population. Moreover, these drugs have some problems, such as toxicities and antibiotic resistance challenges. In the late 1970s, the WHO Alma Ata declaration called for “health for all.” It was achieved through a New International Economic Order. Herbal medicines are used as dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.  If herbal medicines are used widely in healthcare, chemical standardization is important.

The adverse events that are associated with herbal remedies are far less than those associated with pharmaceuticals. However, this is very complex and suggests that herbal medicines’ adverse effects are still unrecognized.  Serious side effects like desi medicine in Pakistan triggered by herbal remedies are often due to poor quality products containing newly discovered plant ingredients or adulterated products.

For instance, in the UK, traditional herbal remedies are manufactured to a high standard that includes patient information leaflet, lists known side effects, and warn of possible interaction with pharmaceutical drugs and many other causes of adverse reactions. For example, St John’s wort is an herbal remedy used to treat mild depression, and it has known side effects when taken with fluoxetine. Furthermore, these products makers have a legal obligation to monitor any adverse reactions and report them to the regulators. Best working online herbal store Pakistan offers a wide range of herbal supplements.

3. Home-grown Herbs:

Following are the natural herbs that you can even grow in your home:

Basil:  place the pots in a south-facing window. The sunlight should be on it a warmth plus ample eater. Keep the soil moist, not drenched. Pinch the plant tops frequently to encourage fuller growth.  You can add fresh basil to pizza and pasta sauces, salad, ratatouille, and more. You can also buy herbal supplements online, but the best choice is to grow at your home and use fresh.

Bay: Bay laurel is a perennial that does best when you use the container gardening method. You have to place the pot in an east-west facing window as it prefers full to partial sun. Then thin the plant if it starts to get crowded. These leaves need air circulation to keep themselves healthy. You can use bay leaves to flavor stews, sauces, and soups. You can also add a fresh-smelling wreath with any extra sprigs. You can also buy bay leaves from any herbal shop near you.


For acute illness, we can use herbal medicines. Herbal medicines have many properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant, etc. As compared to pharmaceutical drugs, herbal medicines are safe to use and cause no harmful side effects. You need to consult with your doctor when you are using herbal and pharmaceutical drugs simultaneously. The best Dawakhana in Pakistan is “Ajmal Dawakhana,” you can trust every product to keep yourself active and healthy.

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